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Saiga AK47 Conversion

Saiga AK47 Conversion

I’ve written about the Saiga AK Conversions before when we converted one in 5.56.

This time, it’s a 7.62×39 for my Christmas present to myself.

This gun was purchased online from Atlantic Firearms for about $450. Unlike the Saiga I converted in the past, this one has traditional looking plastic handguards with a sling mount on the left side and a welded on thread protector, which protects 24mm threads.

Conversion cost about $100 or so and required the use of a drill press, drill, dremel, and a variety of other common tools. It took me about an hour and a half to do the entire project.

I highly recommend this kind of project to any AK enthusiasts. It’s a lot of fun and the end product is a high quality AK at a very good price.

Here is a picture of the AK in it’s current form.

Tapco provides high quality parts for this. The trigger is much nicer now, maybe even a little on the light side, but it breaks very cleanly and nice for a single stage and helps improve accuracy.

Bullet guide is by Dinzag Arms. 30 round mags are the Steel European AK mags currently being sold on

The first round I hand cycled failed to chamber, however, every hand cycling since and several mags worth at the range proved to work flawlessly.

I haven’t chosen a muzzle device yet.

Edited to add: Here is the final product!

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