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New Frontier Armory LW-15, Polymer AR15 Lower

New Frontier Armory recently brought out a new Polymer AR15 lower on the market and I am getting a chance to check it out and play with it.

First off, I want to say, if you are looking for a good gun store in Clark County, Nevada, New Frontier is one of the better shops. My personal favorite right now.

Now that I got that out of the way, let’s talk AR15’s. I have had some experience with several Cav Arms lowers in the past and had some good experiences with them. I found them to be lightweight, VERY durable, and 100% functional.

The LW-15 by New Frontier Armory appears to have taken those traits, but it keeps the flexibility of the standard AR15 lower by allowing you to have any buttstock or pistol grip you choose. It was ultimately the lack of versatility that kept me from being truly sold on the Cav Arms lowers.

These NFA LW-15 lowers are also very affordable, costing only $99.99 for a complete lower. Check them out here.

As you can see, above, we have added our own personal touch to the LW-15 lower. It makes for a very light gun. It’s almost half a pound lighter than the standard AR15 lower.

The complete lower has several parts made of polymer, including the fire control group and pivot/takedown pins. These parts can all be changed out for standard LPK parts!

It fit well with a variety of different uppers.

You might be skeptical about the durability and function of a lower like this, and I admit I was at first, but the results don’t lie. We took it out and it performed flawlessly for us.

New Frontier put it through more abuse than we care to though. There are several videos on youtube where they run it through various torture tests in the Southern Nevada desert. Check it out.

A member of points out the similarities between the NFA and PC lowers. They appears essentially identical.

I am not ready to swap out my good old fashioned anodized Aluminum lowers just yet, but I did find this lower to be an interesting new option and can’t wait to test it out some more.

I will keep you posted on the long term durability and reliability of this lower in the future.

Update 2/28/2021: We haven’t exactly torture tested them but we have had and used them since this original writing and they are still working fine. 

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