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Mythbusting: The Racking of a Shotgun

In this post I want to address a myth that disturbs me and I think does a huge disservice to anyone who might need to defend themselves in a life/death situation. It goes like this.

“Simply racking the slide of your pump shotgun will scare away any intruders in your home.”

This is simply bad advice, yet it is seems VERY common to hear in gun shops and on gun boards. This kind of thinking can get you killed.

When someone breaks into your house and you grab a self defense weapon, you had better be prepared to defend yourself accordingly. A criminal knowing you have a gun *may run (hopefully), but it also may make them more prepared to be violent.

A good pump shotgun can be an excellent home defense weapon. 

You need to be prepared to surprise the BG with violent force that they may not be anticipating. If they are armed, they may feel that they have a distinct advantage which will lead them to possibly be complacent and less guarded. Use this against them. DO NOT give them time to prepare for you if possible. This gives them a tactical advantage.

Also, why wait until you are within earshot to load your weapon just so he can hear the racking effect? I can assure you that the “boom” effect will yield better results for your well-being and safety than a racking sound will.

Load the weapon as quickly as you can, if it is not already loaded. I wouldn’t be nearly as worried about if the BG hears you though as I would be about being prepared to deal with the threat to your life. This includes having a weapon loaded and ready to go, as well as a mind set to take on the threat.

Once a BG is in your home, your life and those of your loved ones is in danger. It is time to stop playing games and get serious at that point. The BG may be prepared to be violent. You don’t know. That is why you have to be ready to exceed his level of violence.

Prepare yourself by training or at least shooting at the range. Prepare yourself mentally to use justified lethal force when you or your loved ones life’s are threatened.

It is possible that the person who started this myth meant well and was thinking that the best case scenario in this situation would be THE only scenario. That is simply not realistic.

Why take the chance that the racking sound will save you? A determined attacker will not be deterred by such a weak attempt to intimidate.

Please, do yourself a favor and NEVER repeat this kind of myth. It has been created and spread by armchair and gun shop commandos and it can get you and other innocent people killed.

*Please do your homework. Find out what the laws are for using lethal force in your state. This article is not meant to act as legal advice in any way. 

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