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G2 LED, VTAC Light Mount, & Magpul Rail Section

I recently decided to mount a flash light on my home defense carbine. I bought one of the new Magpul MOE Rail Sections and drilled holes into my handguards in order to install it. Then I added the Viking Tactics Light Mount and a Surefire G2 LED. So far I am impressed with this setup and I think it will serve me well. I’ve had a G2 LED for a while that I really like and carry with me often.

Total price was about $100 ($70 for the light, $25 for the mount, and $6 for the rail section). Not too bad.

I had to permanently remove a small portion of the heat shields with a dremel in order to put the heat shield back in place after the rail section was installed. This was because the screws from the rail sections would not allow me to put the heat shield back into place otherwise. It took me about 15 minutes to do the whole install.

The position it is mounted in is good for me. As a right handed individual, the light/rail/mount is out of the way of my support hand for when I grip the carbine, but positioned in such a way that I can easily switch the light on with my index finger. It seems to be a pretty solid set up so far.

We’ll have to see how it holds up with time, but I have no reason to believe that it will not do well.

I will probably add one of these Magpul Rail Sections to every one of my AR15’s. I am not a huge fan of rails in general (particularly because they tend to add a lot of additional weight and in my opinion tend to be fairly expensive. On top of that, I want my carbines to be simple, I don’t want to bolt on the kitchen sink.), but they do have their place.

These rail sections are perfect for mounting a light like this one. They add very little weight and only cost $6 shipped from AIM.

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