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.45ACP 230gr +P Federal HST

hollow points for self defense

Here are some pictures for you to consider. If you can get your hands on Federal HST, they seem to be a pretty good defensive carry load. I got these at ammo to go for about $30 for 50 rounds if memory serves me right.

Test gun was a 4.25″ Commander style 1911 made by Dan Wesson. Bullet was shot into bare gallon milk jugs filled with water from a distance of about 10 yards.

This round spalshed me pretty good with water. Here is how the bullet ended up (we moved the two jugs apart in order to take this picture).

The JHP can be seen here, where it got stuck while exiting the 3rd jug. It left a slight puncture into the 4th jug, which trickled slightly afterwards.

Here is the final product. The mushroom was impressive and it expanded very uniformly, and measured .86″ wide at the widest point and .77″ at the smallest.

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