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.45ACP 200gr Fiocchi XTP

Recently I wrote about some testing we did with Hornady +P TAP and Fiocchi XTP both in 230gr. I gave a favorable review and found that both loads penetrated into the 4th of water filled gallon jugs.

My results with the 200gr Fiocchi XTP loads were essentially the same as my previous findings, and this time the loads were fired from a Smith & Wesson M&P45C with a 4” barrel (opposed to the other loads that were fired from a 4.25” barrel).

Expansion was not dramatic, albeit acceptable in my opinion. These loads penetrated to the 4th jug as well, just like the previously tested XTP loads.

Note that this is not marked as a +P loading. As I mentioned in my previous write up, Fiocchi has a bit of a reputation for loading their ammo hotter than most US commercial loadings. US ammo manufacturers adhere to SAAMI specs, which call for lower pressures than the specs set by European ammo manufacturers. However, just like the box of 230gr Fiocchi, the box of 200gr Fiocchi says it is made in the US, unlike the boxes of .380 that I have that say “Made in Italy”. Not sure what to think.

The picture shown is one of the bullets recovered. 

This one measured .69″ across at the widest and .63″ at the thinnest.

I have tested the XTP bullet in various calibers in the past and have found that it is generally a good bullet. I’ve only tried it in one caliber that I was less than impressed with and that was in 9×18. I felt that it expanded TOO MUCH and penetrated too little which is the exact opposite that I am used to seeing from this bullet design.

All of the .45ACP loadings with XTP bullets that I have tested have fared well and I would personally feel comfortable with carrying.

I will be doing some more bullet testing with .45ACP loads and other various calibers in the future. Stay tuned.

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